If your invitation says ‘black tie’, that’s great! This means that we have a set of key guidelines Tony Barlow can follow to help you nail your look. If the invitation is ‘black tie optional’, we have a few more options to play with - but still have a few key guidelines to follow. Tony Barlow can help you do both - our excellent team will help you put together the perfect fit to match the brief. 

What does ‘black tie’ really mean? 
No, it doesn’t mean throwing on a black tie and calling it a day. Strictly speaking, black tie means a matching tuxedo and trousers, with an optional formal waistcoat or cummerbund, a formal white shirt, black tie or bowtie, black dress socks and formal shoes. Yes, this sounds like a lot of rules, and it is. Black tie dress codes are usually for formal events, and following these rules will help you fit in and feel your best at one! 

That being said, true black tie events are pretty rare, and ‘black tie’ can mean different things to different people. If you’re unsure, best to check in with the organiser before you start building your outfit. Chances are they meant something less formal, like a less formal dinner suit. 

Formality and Fashion 
Black tie doesn’t allow much wiggle room in terms of colour schemes - the bowtie and pocket square are the elements one can experiment with to show your personality and flair. We have different stylistic options for you to find and explore the best outfit to have you look and feel the part. Tony Barlow Menswear have a range of black 2 and 3 piece evening suits in slim and tailored fits, with different waistcoat options for 3 piece suits.  Many dinner jackets feature a signature satin lapel that adds extra flair. It’s a touch of elegance and style that is perfect for a formal evening event. 
An occasion to stand out 
If your event is part of wedding proceedings, or you are the groom and his inner circle, Tony Barlow Menswear has the options and expertise to ensure you are looking sharp and stylish. We will work to create a cohesive and complementary look across the whole group. Working with our formalwear experts is the perfect way to make sure you meet the brief. This way you can relax, enjoy the event, and make it a day to remember for all the right reasons. 

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