Expert Advice: Six simple steps to a perfect fit

Expert Advice: Six simple steps to a perfect fit

If you’re not able to get to a Tony Barlow store for a fitting or style consultation   with our expert advisors or want to learn more about suit fitting, we’ve got you. We’ve written a quick, step-by-step guide to help you find the perfect fitting suit.
1. The Shoulder, Collar and Back
The shoulder of a suit should sit on the natural curve of your shoulder with no excess fabric overhanging. The collar shouldn't gape around the neck and the fabric shouldn't pull across the back.
2. The Chest 
When your jacket is buttoned up, if you struggle to fit your hand in flat then your jacket is too tight. If you can fit your hand in with lots of room then the jacket is too big. The perfect fitting jacket will allow your hand to fit in neatly between your chest and the jacket.
3. Jacket Length and Waist 

The suit jacket length should only just cover the pockets of your trousers, and the waist should define your silhouette to avoid looking too boxy.

4. Jacket Sleeve Length 

This is all about personal preference. Traditionally, the correct sleeve length allows for about 1-1.5 cm of the shirt cut to show, but this can be adapted to how you like to wear your jacket.

5. Trouser waist & seat

The easiest way to know if a pair of trousers are too tight, is if they are pulling across the crotch. If you are in-between sizes, don't worry. Trousers can be altered to help you find your best fit.

Barlow Tip: 

When trying on trousers, take a seat - if you can sit down comfortably and the trousers don't pull or feel tight across the hips, they are the perfect fit.

6. Trouser Length

This can change depending on the cut of the trousers, or your personal style. Traditionally, trousers should sit just over the shoe, however the more modern look is for the trousers to just touch the shoe or in some cases, sit over the ankle completing the no socks look. Whatever your style, being too long is never a good look.

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